In Gattinara the life is sweet as the outline of the hills covered with rows of vines. These lands dominated by the Monte Rosa massif are rich in art and culture and dotted with fortresses and castles.
Not far away, reserves, natural parks, including the “geoparco of the Supervulcano of the Sesia”, the magnificent Lake Maggiore and the romantic Lake of Orta. Here you can discover the traditions of the rural world, play sports or relax lazily. The Anzivino family shares the dream of living in a quiet village, with those seeking a holiday away from the usual patterns.

Hospitality: La Tinaia restaurant

A tasty dinner or a connoisseurs wine tasting: the friendship turns on around a good table where, in a warm atmosphere it's nice to talk about ourselves, about passion and love for the wine and the harvest. At La Tinaia restaurant, guests are given the chance to the discover the food and wine specialties of the territory. Do not miss the famous "Risotto mantecato alle due Tome con riduzione di Gattinara".
The restaurant is only open for groups of minimum 10 people, by reservation.